Solo vee status?

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Solo vee status?

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Hi, I used to run solo vee as FM in the late 90s-mid 2000s and was active on this forum. Sold my D-13 in '09 due to inheriting a classic car but never had a lot of passion in that arena. I'm thinking about selling it and getting back into solo & club racing (just regional stuff for fun). I was thinking I could get another vee and dual purpose it with a second engine, transmission, wheels etc. Looking through these posts though things look bleak. Did the brain trust at SCCA shove vee's into CM?

If this is the case I'm at a loss. I'd like to do both autox and club race but spending all that extra $ to get the solo setup then get crushed by every FFord does not sound like fun. FFords are awesome but I don't really want to spend FF money for a hobby. Sigh.
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Re: Solo vee status?

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Solo Vee has been grouped with FF in C Mod.
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