Central Florida - FV Parts

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Central Florida - FV Parts

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I have lots of FV parts left over from building 4 cars. Because of health I am not able to ship all this stuff so I will only sell it to someone who can come get it. I am near Orlando. I would prefer selling it all and I will give you one heck of a deal. All of it $350. Heads, carb and intake are worth more than that.

3 sets of headers
1 pair of fresh FV heads new valves, springs retainers etc
FV intake
1 rebuilt and never run FV-legal carb
some used 40hp pistons and cylinders
other misc engine parts (pushrods, rocker assemblies, pumps etc)
2 FV seats
2 long Shift rods from shifter to transaxle
turkey legs
1 rear axle tube
2 spindles
gutted generator
2 monoshock setups with Carrera shocks
trw and original steering boxes
2 steering wheels
several gauges, switches and tachs
4 used tires good for autocross or storing/transporting car. 1 brand new sticker tire.
A bunch of misc parts from building FV's .

Come get it.
Orlando, Fl
car-less now

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Re: Central Florida - FV Parts

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Do you still have any Vee parts? Anything for a Zeitler? By the way, I own your old Zeitler. I bought it from Bob Browski six years ago.
Dave McDowell
1969 Zeitler FV
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