Formula Vee's at Indy GP Course in June with Trans AM

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Formula Vee's at Indy GP Course in June with Trans AM

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For those of you that have not received the Invitation I sent out via the FV Registry.

Have you raced the Indianapolis GP track yet?? If you haven't (or even if you have), there is an event the weekend after the PIRC 60th -Fri/Sat/Sun - June 16, 17 and 18. Back to back weekends are often not the best choice but it's INDIANAPOLIS!!

SVRA is hosting what used to be a Vintage only weekend, but this year they are extending a special '60th' invitation for ALL vees in a 'Featured Marque' group of our own.. *ALL* vees will be in the same group but NO OTHER CLASSES. 'Split grid' would be in place for the 2 races, and the entry fee is $500 (for roughly 2 hours of track time scheduled over 3 days). There is also an optional TEST DAY on the Thursday before, but I believe the vees would be grouped with FF for that day. I'm assuming that we would want to grid in order of 'anticipated approximate lap time'.. so that would be FST, then Current FV's on Slicks, then Challenge Cup/Driverz Cup, then Vintage. You might think - "Gee.. that sounds pretty busy with all those types of FV's", but it is 'just' VEES.... there will be no classes in your sessions mowing you down at 50 MPH closing rates and being able to outbrake you significantly going into the turns. - SVRA is willing to work with us however they can to make this a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Load-in will begin on Wednesday at Noon ... anyone headed back West after PIRC could just 'drop by' on the way ... . If anyone needs 'temp parking' for a day or 2 SVRA can help with that as well. Staging is set for the Polco Rd. gravel lot across the street from the Speedway. If you get there early, you'll certainly want to visit the Speedway Museum while there.

The preliminary schedule ( ... hedule.pdf ) shows 2 Practice sessions (2FV) on Friday, a Qualifier and Race 1 on Saturday, and another Race on Sunday. Vees wrap up before noon Sunday for an early start homeward.

AN SCCA Full Comp License is accepted as well as all VINTAGE, FST, Challenge Cup, and Driverz Cup cars/drivers, but your license does need to be current ..including current medical. Contact SVRA (numbers/emails on the SVRA website) for car/license questions. Their tech staff will work with us.. but be legal and be prepared. I should also mention that SVRA 'standard rules' will be in effect .. basically the same 'no contact' racing of most Vintage, CCS and DZC rules. They'll also allow us to have whatever 'Podium Celebrations' that any of the Vee groups want.

Tony Parella - owner of SVRA and Trans AM is extremely interested in getting A BUNCH of vees at this event. Last year, SVRA had 26 VINTAGE vees there.. and Tony has high hopes that we can more than double that number this year .. despite the late start. I think it's likely that a 'goodly number' of drivers going to the PIRC 60th (and even a few that are NOT going) would be interested in getting a few laps at Indy. It should certainly be on most driver's BUCKET LIST and there haven't been many opportunities in the past. Think about whether you can make it and put it on your calendars if you are able. It would be kinda neat to have another big crowd. We will, for sure, have a big crowd at PIRC .. and some slightly smaller crowds at the other locations where 60th celebrations are scheduled. Is there room for one more at INDY? It's an option for anyone that wants to get some laps at the BRICKYARD.

SVRA/Trans Am puts on a pretty good show and there are generally quite a few spectators. There's also a big 'come all' dinner set for Saturday evening behind the Pagoda ... same place as the 21 Runoffs. Likely we'll also get some 'live feed' via youtube.. but not guaranteed at this point.
It IS back to back with the PIRC 60th, but maybe you can work it in.

Registration is actually currently OPEN. If you have questions that I haven't answered, get back to me and I'll get the answers ASAP... or you can contact Alex Miller ( directly.
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