oil coolers

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oil coolers

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Just thought I would pass on some info - in case some do not know.

STOCK Type 1 oil coolers for the 36 or 40hp fan shroud now have a slightly different configuration. The older style had two bumps on the bottom, newer ones ( can't comment on the Chinese versions that are on the market or the aluminum ones that are now the "cheap" fix) do not have these bumps. When installing the NON bump cooler, one needs to install one washer under the studs and one washer under the inboard stud hole. If you are using the early case to any new cooler, you will need a stepped seal kit that has the washers. If you are using a universal case (1600) you will need the orange ( usually ) colored seals. Another issue with the universal case is that the ears are fatter than the early case so the studs on the oil coolers will be too short. If the case is apart, have a shop machine the ears OR have extensions made that will thread on to the existing studs.
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Re: oil coolers

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Thanks for the info, Dietmar.
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