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Topic on Apex about wheel weights so I thought I would throw this in.
Steve mentioned balancing on the car. This is something that I have done for many years but have gone one step further.
I have an old drum mounted to a spindle with ball bearings. They are oiled ( WD-40 actually) so they turn rather freely. The drum is balance by spinning it and seeing where it ends up- then drilling a hole or several holes where the drum bottoms. The lug nuts are also balanced for weight.
If you have never read: "Complete Idiots Guide to VW" by John Muir I highly suggest it as he has lots of ideas and helpful hints.
The tire/rim is balanced the same way as the drum was balanced except by using weights 180 degrees from where the tire finally ends up in the rotation. I check this several times. I too prefer the old "lead/now steel" weights. If you use the stick-ons- cover with duct tape.
Once the wheel is installed ( on the front) I recheck the balance by backing off on the bearing preload and use the same technique as earlier mentioned. If it is OK, I mark the location with a marking pen and that way it is always installed at the same location.

Rear tires are another matter as they can not be balanced on the car- too much turning resistance. But, you will never feel an imbalance on the rear anyway, so balance it for the front and then just install on the rear.

Just a suggestion. Saves a lot of money and many shops can no longer balance the VW wheel anyway.

Hope this helps
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Re: balancing

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Good info, thanks Dietmar!

I also balanced on the car back in the "old days". I recall you mentioning the extra spindle and drum once before. Good idea.

I always used the stick on's with tape. I'll have to get the bang on type for future use.
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