91 Citation

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91 Citation

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91 Citation


Located in SE Michigan

New frame in 2014
Engine serviced by Chris Cox
Current Annual
Penske 8100 rear shock with ICP spring mount, Penske black front shocks
mounted rains and 12 wheels w'slicks used - always stored inside

Many spares - too numerous to mention:

- New Rear brake drum, spare front drums (2)
- complete front suspension spares
- turkey legs
- Citation prepped front beam
- 2 steering boxes
- Citation rear control arm
- extra fox rear shock
- complete Lybarger transaxle (backing plate to backing plate)
- Citation trapezoid mount
- New Citation nose and new center body section, new rear lower body shroud
- carb
- lightweight starter
- many ignition parts, bearings, gaskets, too numerous to list
- new engine oil cooler
- intake manifold
- spare clutch

Spare engine (new bottom end - rods balanced by Dietmar) needs valve and lifter work
Formula car stands
Formula car Quick-jack
Shock filling adapter and Nitrogen regulator
Engine shipping crate
VW Engine stand
Trans case for engine fitment
Spare frame (needs repair)
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