supervee rules/regs

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supervee rules/regs

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Hi guys,
Does anybody have a copy of the rules and regulations for SCCA Pro Supervee ?

Thanks Bruin
Chris Robson
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FSV Regs

Post by Chris Robson »

Hi Bruin,

The rules and reg's for the FSV cars is a moving target. The series went through numerous changes from it's inception to the final season in 1990. Even the later years saw many changes from year to year. If you are looking to "build" a car to a specific period/year/livery, I am sure someone can chime in and assist you. If you are looking for guidance with regard to what is allowed in your location, I would talk to the series organizers.

My understanding is that your reg's follow the FIA guidelines in a much more stringent fashion that we do here in the States.

Chris Robson
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Re: supervee rules/regs

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I have a copy of the SCCA GCR from the early 90's which has some of the Super Vee rules listed in the Formula car section. If you would like a copy you can contact me via email or you can phone 303-808-1969.

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