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I need your help

Posted: January 6th, 2009, 8:50 pm
by ProCohe
Hi Everyone,
I was looking at the race results from 1978 on the Team Dan FSV results site. It appears that Roger Bighouse drove a Riley-Griffith in 4 SCCA Pro-races in 1978. He also drove car number 18 in 1 USAC Pro-race in 1978. I have pictures that show my car with both Roger Bighouse as the driver and Jim Griffith jr. as the crew chief. I also can read the car number as 18. I purchased this car from Robbie Glover in Omaha along with a Proto-fab Riley / MRA-Riley , which David Boles in South Carolina and Pete Hylton in Indiana helped to document as the car Pro-raced by Denny Moothart in 1979. I sold that car to Jim Vawter in California several years ago. I was told parts of the story about the car I have left by Robbie. I would like to try to document what I have been told. My original intent was to use the car strictly as a test day car. If I can document the history of the car I will approach it as a labor of love rather than a tired old mule used to test rookie drivers. Does anyone have additional information about this car.

Thanks for your help,