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Posting pictures

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It is now possible to post pictures and other attachments on this forum. I would, however, suggest that, if the picture(s) is/are already posted somewhere else, then PLEASE just LINK to the pictures in their current location. There is no reason to upload here and burn more megabytes on this server for the same picture(s) that is already hosted somewhere else. To link to an existing pic, simply click on [Img] above the 'post box' and that will put the cursor into an IMAGELINK position where you just type in the link to the existing picture.

If the pic is not elsewhere and you would like to post it here, first please downsize your picture to something reasonable. About 800 x 500 should show most anything you'd like. Posting 12MB pictures directly from your camera (1000+ x 1000+ pixels) is a terrible waste of server space and I may have to delete them sooner rather than later.

After you have types your post, look at the bottom of the editor page .. you will see 2 tabs - OPTIONS and UPLOAD ATTACHMENT. Click on UPLOAD ATTACHMENT, then click FILENAME and a dialog box will open allowing you to go to the appropriate directory on your computer and select the file/picture. (add a comment if you like), then click ADD THE FILE. If it is an image file, you will be presented with another Dialog where you can either DELETE the file you just selected (from the post, not from your computer) or PLACE INLINE - which will upload the file to the server and then SHOW it in your post. If you do not select PLACE INLINE, the picture or other attachment will show at the bottom of your post. You can also add short videos, but they will take a LONG time to upload, so again use a LINK to an existing video hosted elsewhere if possible. Only a few non image attachment types are allowed at this time. If you are denied the type of file you wish to upload, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

At this time there is no limit to the number of pictures that you can post, but I reserve the right to change that in the future. Please go back and DELETE any pictures that you upload that no longer have utility - like when you sell a car that you listed. I will likely DELETE them myself after a year or so unless there appears to be a need to keep it 'alive'.
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