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New FV Committee - Call for Members

Posted: May 5th, 2021, 8:50 am
by jpetillo
Subject: New Formula Vee Committee - A Different Focus

A new Formula Vee Committee is being created. The primary roles of the committee would be:
• First to advance and promote the class and the community
• Second to keep the cars viable for the long term
• Maintaining the original goal and spirit of the class

The focus of the committee would be working to help regions grow their FV fields across the country. The committee would also work to develop a longer-term vision for evolution of the cars themselves, and then enact the vision, while maintaining the original charter “to provide a cost effective, highly competitive class that, through consistent and tightly controlled component and preparation rules, emphasizes driver ability rather than technological development of the car.”

This is a call for folks who want to be members of this new FV Representatives Committee. The idea is that each committee member would cover some region in the US and their role would be to represent their “region”. In some parts of the US this region may cover quite a large area, with the goal to attempt to cover the nation.

New committee members would consult with their region’s racers on matters and also consult with their region’s vendor support as the committee works to tackle issues and make informed decisions. The objective is to build a network where every FV racer can work through their Committee Member (representative) to effectively have a voice at the committee table.

Please send in your resumes. In your letter, please let us know what region(s) you feel you would be able to represent. Perhaps you may gather a few folks together in your greater region, and then one would be the voice for that group. The region you (or your team) represent may cover several SCCA Regions. If so, please let us know as that is a great way for regions to be represented. Emphasis will be given to potential committee members who are racers and less to vendors. Also let us know who you go to for vendor input, even if they are not local to your region.

Include in your application letter your background with regard to organizational/promotional work you’ve done, racing experience, including FV and otherwise, and knowledge of the car.

Please send your application letters and resumes by June 7, 2021, and/or questions, to

Lastly, everyone should go to (near the bottom of the page), maintained by Steve Davis, and send in your information to sign up for the FV Registry if you have not done so in the past. The registry has been in place for many years and remains the best way for us to get community-wide notices and information distributed to FV folks through direct e-mails.

The FV Interchange (this site) and the FV registry will be where our notices are posted.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Best regards,
John Petillo

Re: New FV Committee - Call for Members

Posted: May 6th, 2021, 7:54 pm
by jpetillo
Alex Bertolucci / John Petillo is there really any difference?!

Yes, this is the FV Committee Notice that Steve Davis sent out the notice about through the FV registry. He mistakenly put our mutual friend Alex Bertolucci instead of me as the person putting out the Committee Call.


Re: New FV Committee - Call for Members

Posted: June 2nd, 2021, 7:57 am
by jpetillo
This is a reminder for folks interested in supporting, building and growing the FV community to get their applications in by June 7, 2021 to

After some e-mail chats from folks who have sent in questions and also posts I've read, let me underscore that the primary purpose of this committee is for the promotion and growth of the class - basically to help other groups across the country adopt some of the approaches that have shown to be successful towards growing FV in areas. With regard to the viability and health of the class for the long term, the focus is to be proactive about parts, and developing a course of action as some parts become at risk if they become hard to source. If an evolution is required as a result of parts issues, that will be undertaken. The committee would also be available to the SCCA to help them understand issues.

If you have any question or comments about the new committee, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Also, please sign up to get on the FV Registry at so we can get important FV community news broadcast to everyone.

Please get your application in on time - we look forward to reading and reviewing them!

Best regards,